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Sam Partland’s a 15+ year SEO expert, now focussing on Enterprise & Programmatic SEO. Always looking to expand his skillset, he wants to share what he knows to help others, along with receive feedback and improve.

The Top Programmatic SEO Tools

Programmatic SEO has started to kick off a bit, with more and more people jumping on the bandwagon. This is leading to more and more

The SEO First, Users Second, Approach

The words that designers hate. These words give anyone involved in UX nightmares. SEO first, users second. SHOCK. AWE. Oh, the humanity! But that is

Programmatic SEO: Self Scaling Landing Page Systems

What do Booking.com, Homeadvisor, Airtasker, Vivian Health, & ZipRecruiter have in common? They’ve all experienced massive growth whilst leveraging a self-expanding landing page system. Coincidence?

Programmatic SEO: The Manual Layer

When working on programmatic SEO builds, you’re thinking about the data. Where has that data come from? Have you scraped it yourself? You could also

Internationalisation & Hreflang Management

Implementing hreflang for a programmatic build isn’t necessarily hard, once you understand what content you have. If a piece of content is available in multiple