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Programmatic SEO: Tracking & Performance Monitoring

So you’ve got a shiny new programmatic build, and want to know how it’s performing. Monitoring indexation, traffic, conversions, rankings, there’s so much to look at so what should you focus on? Let’s take a look into a

Dynamic Content Generation with Google Sheets

If you haven’t been following along, I’ve been documenting my journey to a 1,000+ page programmatic site in WordPress using Google sheets. The build is heavily reliant on Google Sheets to generate dynamic content based on templates. The

The SEO First, Users Second, Approach

The words that designers hate. These words give anyone involved in UX nightmares. SEO first, users second. SHOCK. AWE. Oh, the humanity! But that is exactly how I approach a fresh programmatic build. That is how I have

Prioritising SEO Tasks with Development Teams

Prioritising SEO tasks is key to being able to get work completed by a development team in an efficient manner. Rather than just going “we need them all done”, or “they’re all a priority”, breaking your tasks into

Just Another WordPress Programmatic SEO Build – Part 3

Let’s continue the WordPress programmatic SEO build! If you haven’t already, check out part 1 of the wordpress programmatic build here, and then part 2 here. A little pre-note here is that the next couple of posts will

Programmatic SEO: Self Scaling Landing Page Systems

What do Booking.com, Homeadvisor, Airtasker, Vivian Health, & ZipRecruiter have in common? They’ve all experienced massive growth whilst leveraging a self-expanding landing page system. Coincidence? Self-scaling landing page systems are at the core of what I recommend for

Programmatic SEO: Building a Strong Site Structure

A strong site structure should be at the core of any programmatic SEO build. How the value of your site flows around the site is crucial to ensure both key pages ranking, and longer tail pages are seen

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