Bulk Generating Keywords for SEO

Discover the easiest ways to generate keywords in bulk using Excel. These formulas are the basis of so much work, and keyword generation really will just give you a top-level understanding of the formula’s use.


Concatenate – Join as many cells together as needed

=CONCATENATE(*First CELL to join*,*Second CELL to Join*)

Concatenation is a method that many people are using, and its just adding one cell to another. This can be useful to start things off, but there ampersand (&) does this too, a lot cleaner with a lot more flexibility.

So use this if you’re used to it, but I’d recommend switching to using the below ampersand (&) method.


& – The better way of joining items together

=*CELL to Join*&*CELL to Join*&”Some text to join on the end”

My preferred method, you literally just put an ‘&’ between each cell you want to work with.

So =A2&” “&B2 will output A2, a space, and B2. Nothing really complex about it, giving you full freedom.


Substitute – Swap text in a cell, for other text

=SUBSTITUTE(*CELL for text swap / the template*,*Old text for replacing*,*New text to replace with*)

Giving a little more customizability through template elements, the substitution formula lets you bulk substitute out specific dynamic elements into a keyword template.

So you could have a list of categories, products, locations, or really anything else, and just swap them out in a keyword template.

You can create keywords following a specific rule, and this tends to generate less keywords overall, with a higher percent of them having volume as you know the formats to follow.


Merging keywords with MergeWords

Mergewords offers a simple version of the formulas above, allowing you to just paste in the different parts of the keywords and output the merged keywords.

You can use merge words by visiting here and then just pasting each portion of the keyword in their respective box.

The big downside here is that you don’t have control about what version gets merged with what, like you do in the templated formula.

However, this offers a good method of merging many different keywords together, fast, and in extreme bulk.




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