Cannot Open PivotTable Source File Fix in Excel

When downloading a pre-built Excel dashboard, or moving one around on your computer, you might experience an error and you won’t be able to open your PivotTable.

The error will come up and say ‘Cannot open PivotTable source file’ and then include the file name.

The simple fix is to disconnect all slicers, remove the original file name from the PivotTable data source, and then reconnect the slicers.

In the video, you can see I disconnect my slicers, and then remove the original filename from the data source leaving only ‘RAW’. ‘RAW’ is the table name that is on my ‘RAW’ data tab.

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2 thoughts on “Cannot Open PivotTable Source File Fix in Excel”

  1. even after changing the data source and saving changes, After closing and reopening the sheet, it reverts and still passes same error. my sheet does not use splicers though.

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