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When you start doing SEO data analysis, one of the first things you’ll find out is that GSC only gives you 1,000 rows of data.

So how do you extract the rest of the data?

How do you get more keywords, and more landing pages downloaded from GSC?

Search Analytics for Sheets

Whilst there are a few ways, this is how I always end up doing it.

Every time.

Search Analytics for Sheets provides the easiest method of extracting more than the 1,000 rows available inside GSC.

In just a few steps, you can connect your search console, select your filters, and export your data.


How to export more than 1000 results in Search Console

1. Firstly install the GSC extension, available from here

2. Connect your search console account to Search Analytics for Sheets by following the steps, and approving its access

3. Open up a new Google Sheet, from the Google Drive account that is linked to your Google Search Console. You can’t use an account that just has shared Google Sheets access, it needs to be the account that is actually linked to the Search Console account.

4. Open the Search Analytics for Sheets sidebar, by clicking Extensions > Search Analytics for Sheets > Open Side

5. Select your GSC property, enter a date range, enter page or query as “Group By”, add any filters, and then click ‘request data’

You will need to be mindful of the ‘Group By’ area. If you select page & query at the same time, GSC won’t give you all your data. You will receive a sample data set, only giving you a portion of the data.

Using Page & query at the same time is great for a couple of different analyses, but if you’re just starting to play with GSC data then it is better to export queries, or pages, to ensure you get decent figures.

Pages is what you should use if you’re looking for actual URL totals, as Google will even hide some data from the ‘queries’ to protect privacy. Things with phone numbers or personally identifiable information, when it detects it.


Creating automatic Search Console data exports/backups

Search Analytics for Sheets even offers automatic backups.

In the sidebar, you’ll see a tab for “Backups”.

Flick over to this, and you’ll see the same options as the primary tab, except for the extra “period” area.

You can enter whether you want daily or monthly backups here. Just set that up as required, and click on ‘enable backup’, and it will run at the intervals you have set and pull the required data so that you can have backups of it.

This was definitely required back when we only had 3 months of history, and not 18 months, however, it’s still good to run it now and then. Particularly for your own properties, or client properties where you think they’ll be with you for a longer period.


Plenty of uses for GSC data

There are plenty of different analyses you can run using your GSC data, so knowing how to export it is vital for these.

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