Generate Product Descriptions from Specs with AI

AI content is taking SEO by storm. Some good, some, well, not so good.

Whilst it might spit out some junk when not guided, if you give some of the AI content generators a little bit to work with then their output can be alright sometimes.

Particularly when it comes to product descriptions.

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t just use the stock-standard description by the products creator. So how about leveraging AI a little bit to generate something unique?

We can take the specs of the product, and do exactly that.

Now, the large caveat with this is you need products with a few different specs that the generator can do. This works excellent with tech products. and a few other categories.


Generating a list of specs in Google sheets

Before we can use an AI Content generate to generate a product description, we need to get a list of specs that can be inputted.

Most people will have a list of specs for each product, in a CSV or database. We will essentially take them, and then create a list of all the available features.

I’ve created a Google sheets here that you can just duplicate to get started.

We’ll be using the following formula;

=”Name: “&A2& CHAR(10) &if(istext(C2),”Brand: “&C2& CHAR(10),)

It goes column to column, and adds the product spec to a list if it exists. Essentially just concatenates them.

Each product spec will be added with a line break, if it exists. This means that some product specs might not exist, and will be excluded from this single cell.

The end result is all the product specs in a single cell.

This will make it easier to use going forward, ensuring you can create a product description from the specs list.


Generate an AI product description from a product specs list

Using this outputted list of specs, we can throw it into an AI content generate and have that generate a product description for us.

You can use the ‘generator’ sheet to keep things a bit cleaner. It’ll mean you’re not working on the same sheet as the specs list.

There are a few different pieces of AI software we can use for this, but my preference is WriteSonic.

Once you’re signed up you’ll see a heap of options on the dashboard, but just click the ‘Product Descriptions’ option.

This will load up the description generation, where you enter the product name, and paste the automated specs in.

Once it’s all entered, click Generate.

You’l be presented with 5 different descriptions to choose form

The descriptions will vary in quality, along with also vary in what specs they pull in, so pick the highest quality one and paste it back into the sheet on the ‘generator’ tab.

You’ll also find them pull in specs that you didn’t give it, as the AI will do its thing and grab them from other sources as it writes the description.

The more you give it though, the more of your own specs it’ll use.

As an example, I never gave it the mAh battery capacity, only wh capacity, so it has pulled that in, along with some other specs, itself.

You’ll want to double check all of these, as it can sometimes pull in incorrect specs.


Generate for each product

Just work through your product list, and copy paste each automated list into WriteSonic and generate a product description for it.

You can even outsource this bit to a VA, as all they will need is a little bit of product knowledge (ideally, but not required) and a decent English level.

You can merge a couple descriptions together too, if you’d like to extend a little bit.


Expand the product descriptions

You can even expand these descriptions, using the sentence expander tool from WriteSonic.

Just paste in your original description, and let writesonic attempt to write some extensions.


Using your descriptions

You can use these descriptions for whatever you want, whether it’s website copy, email, or social shares.

They might not be as good as a quality writer, but they’re performing better than just a product specs lists for me. Hopefully they work well for you!

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