Introduction to Pivots & Slicers in Excel

An introduction to using pivot tables in Excel with slicers to be able to better visualise your data.

This is perfect for anyone who is just starting out in SEO, and particularly in Excel, that wants to understand some foundations.

Creating a pivot table in Excel

You’ll need to get your data setup properly, and in a format that is appropriate for a table, and then you just create your pivot table off the back of it.

They’re super easy to create, once you get shown how the first time, as there are a couple different settings / options for them.

Adding a slicer to a pivot table in Excel

Once your pivot table is setup, you can move onto creating a slicer for the table.

These slicers essentially act like filters for the table, but they’re a lot easier to interact with as they’re just buttons.


Hopefully this video is useful to you, and you get some value out of it.

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