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Sam Partland’s a 15+ year SEO expert, now focussing on Enterprise & Programmatic SEO. Always looking to expand his skillset, he wants to share what he knows to help others, along with receive feedback and improve.

Bulk Redirecting URLs in Cloudflare

For years, Cloudflare has had the page rules section where you can setup redirect rules. But you’re only allowed 3 page rules per domain on

Export Google Search Console Data

When you start doing SEO data analysis, one of the first things you’ll find out is that GSC only gives you 1,000 rows of data.

Client Side vs Server Side Rendering

A debate that’s gone on for years now. Google announced in 2014 they’ve; decided to try to understand pages by executing JavaScript Well, that sent

Cloudflare Crawler Hints & IndexNow

Using Crawler Hints in Google, you can add an additional way to tell search engines about your new URLs and content changes. Yeah, Google doesn’t