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Programmatic SEO: The Manual Layer

When working on programmatic SEO builds, you’re thinking about the data. Where has that data come from? Has it been vetted and cleansed? Chances are, it probably hasn’t. Well, not properly or from an SEO point of view.

Extracting Keyword Templates/Patterns from a Keyword Set

When doing keyword research for programmatic sites, you shouldn’t be analysing each page individually. You especially can’t be optimising an entire programmatic build page by page. You should really be looking at the overall group, that each page

Just Another WordPress Programmatic SEO Build

Join me on a 30-day journey to a 1,000+ page programmatic SEO build using a combination of WordPress and Google Sheets (with plenty of formulas!). I’ve been writing a heap about programmatic SEO lately…. if you haven’t noticed.

Internationalisation & Hreflang Management

Implementing hreflang for a programmatic build isn’t necessarily hard, once you understand what content you have. If a piece of content is available in multiple languages and/or target markets, throw up a tag for that version. If the

HTML Sitemaps – It’s 2022, do you REALLY Need One?

The old HTML sitemaps hey. Are you still actively trying to create one for large-scale programmatic builds? Crawling? Indexing? Deeplinking? Passing SEO value? Yeah, they can help you shortcut passing values and reduce click depth to deep links.

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Sam Partland’s a 15+ year SEO expert, now focussing on Enterprise & Programmatic SEO. Always looking to expand his skillset, he wants to share what he knows to help others, along with receive feedback and improve.