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Client Side vs Server Side Rendering

A debate that’s gone on for years now. Google announced in 2014 they’ve; decided to try to understand pages by executing JavaScript Well, that sent developers wild believing they could build anything and Google could index it fine.

Cloudflare Crawler Hints & IndexNow

Using Crawler Hints in Google, you can add an additional way to tell search engines about your new URLs and content changes. Yeah, Google doesn’t support it for now. But you never know! That could change.   What

Bulk Keyword Categorisation & Classification

Categorising a large keyword list in bulk takes hours to do, unless you do it a special way. Learn how to categorise thousands of keywords in seconds through the use of a magical Excel formula. You can categorise

The Basics of Graphing in Excel

An overview of how graphs in Excel work, and the basic behind customising the look. This is a great starting point if you’re just getting into SEO, and want to play around with a data set in Excel.

Programmatic SEO: Dynamic Content Generation

I recently wrote a post about my experience and strategies for programmatic SEO, particularly with enterprise-level clients. One of the sections was about dynamic text generation, and I thought I would expand upon this a bit as this

Introduction to Pivots & Slicers in Excel

An introduction to using pivot tables in Excel with slicers to be able to better visualise your data. This is perfect for anyone who is just starting out in SEO, and particularly in Excel, that wants to understand

Estimating SEO Traffic for a Keyword Set

Estimating your organic traffic will allow you better assess your current performance for a set of keywords, but also allows you to directly compare that performance with your competitors. In this video, I run through how to properly

Bulk Generating Keywords for SEO

Discover the easiest ways to generate keywords in bulk using Excel. These formulas are the basis of so much work, and keyword generation really will just give you a top-level understanding of the formula’s use.   Concatenate –

Top Ranking Domains Analysis for a Keyword Set

Ever wanted to see the top-ranking domains / URLs for a particular keyword set? This analysis will let you do exactly that, and give you more refined performance data, allowing you to dig into the true top performers.

Does Hidden Content Affect SEO?

Whether or not hidden content affects SEO has been a question that’s been asked for years. There have been some basic tests conducted, but there are quite a few variables involved with SEO test as per usual, and

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