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Building Your Own CTR Model from Search Console Data

Rather than performing analysis using just the bare average rank, you can bring in a keyword’s search volume and add some weighting to the rank. To do this, you estimate SEO traffic for a keyword by multiplying its

Bulk Download, Convert & Rename Images

Batch image downloading and renaming isn’t something you’ll use often, but when you do, doing it in bulk can really save you quite a bit of time. Why would you want to do it? Well, plenty of reasons.

Bulk Redirecting URLs in Cloudflare

For years, Cloudflare has had the page rules section where you can setup redirect rules. But you’re only allowed 3 page rules per domain on a free account, which severely limits the redirect options so many don’t use

Export Google Search Console Data

When you start doing SEO data analysis, one of the first things you’ll find out is that GSC only gives you 1,000 rows of data. So how do you extract the rest of the data? How do you

GTMetrix Review: Top SEO Insights You’ll Get

One tool I will use every single time that I audit a website is GTMetrix. I’ve seen comments about it, and that other speed testers like webpagetest.org provide “better data” and “more insights”, but GTMetrix does everything I

Using UTM Tags on Internal Links? Please Stop.

Something I see popup now and then, UTM tags on internal links seem to be one of the more popular solutions for tracking internal link campaigns. They drive me crazy sometimes, as they’re never fun trying to clean

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