Removing the Collection from a Product URL in Shopify

I was doing a quick audit of a friend’s website recently, and discovered something rather annoying about the site.

On a collection page, Shopify added the slug of the current collection, to all the product links on that page.

So every time a product was listed in a different collection, it would have a different link pointing in.

Each of these links correctly pointed to the primary product URL with the canonical tag, but that tag doesn’t work like it used to.

Google is also assigning weight to each of the links coming into the page.

This caused a product URL that contained the collection, to compete with the actual product URL.

The URL from a collection page was:<collection>/products/<product-slug>

Yet the actual product URL was;<product-slug>


Why does Shopify add the collection or a product URL?

There are a couple potential reasons, with the main stemming from the user experience.

When the collection is added on the URL, breadcrumbs can get updated to point back to that collection.

If a user enters from 2 different collections, they’d see two different breadcrumbs, and then be able to go back to their original ‘search’ via the links.

However, this minor improvement in UX is written off by the poor SEO performance this can generate.


How to remove the collection from a product URL in Shopify

You can remove the collection from the Shopify product URL, by following these steps;

1. Access your collections layout design, presumably located at Snippets > product-card-grid.liquid

2. Remove the collections portion of the product URL, but replacing {{ product.url | within: collection }} with {{ product.url }}

Solution/image source: Shopify


Collections folder removed from URL

The collections folder will now be removed from the product URL giving you a cleaner Shopify site.

The primary URL being linked to is essential for SEO, so this should provide good value once patched up.

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  1. In addition to solving this issue, did you ensure that at one one of the collections could set proper breadcrumbs on the product page? I’m working with a client now with this issue. I’d like to remove the /collection product URLs, but also want to be able to choose a collection to set breadcrumbs other than Home > Product on the product page.

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