SEO Case Study: Child Care Portal

In April 2020, the Toddle team reached out to me with regards to SEO strategy for their recently launched child care comparison brand. Just under 2 years later, their ahrefs shows 5200% growth.

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The team was working with an agency, however, they wanted an additional set of eyes across the site to ensure everything was okay due to minimal growth in the early days. After working closely with the Founder during my time on the international side of REA Group (, I was invited to work through this with them.

An audit was completed, with several items being highlighted along with some strategy tweaks.

All the content that the site would need was there, across the thousands of child care centres that were listed. Due to the search setup missing a few optimisations, along with some of the centre content being client-side, there were some easy wins for the team to implement.

A number of changes were made to the search structure, along with some significant interlinking updates. We combined what was essentially duplicate targeting for default suburb searches, along with optimised specific category pages by ensuring they had their own ‘pretty’ URL.

The team worked through;

✔Merging duplicate location targeting
✔Optimising category search
✔On page optimisations
✔Overindexed URL cleanups via canonicals & redirects
✔Client-side content patches
✔Interlinking updates
✔Speed optimisations

Following the success of these integrations, we continued working together for additional patches over time, with the work expanding to content strategy.

Whilst perfect for email & branding, their existing content just wasn’t gaining traction in Google to drive SEO performance increases. I worked with the team to help research topics, along with organising the actual content creation. Starting in April 2021, my team started delivering optimised content for the next few months. This saw their blog grow from sub-200 est ahrefs traffic, to a now 3,500+ est traffic.

Even though primary activity on Toddle was slowed down in the middle of 2021, both the site and the blog continue to grow off the back of all the investment the team has made.

SEO budget shouldn’t just be seen as the audit and consultation fees. Significant investment is normally required in the development team to execute upon the recommendations. The majority of recommendations really need to be implemented, with many non-negotiables. When a team like Toddle completes these requirements, growth will naturally follow.

The team at Toddle have been an absolute pleasure to work with, and just goes to show what can be achieved when a brand understands the value of SEO, and quickly actions recommendations.

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