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Vivian Health (previously NurseFly) reached out to me in early 2020 with the goal of expanding their SEO strategy. Just over 12 months later, ahrefs shows their SEO est. traffic had increased 236%. This then increased to 627% over the following year post-rebrand.

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Previously, only a handful of landing pages existed, with the strategy mostly consisting of a client-side SPA that heavily relied on individual job pages ranking. Job pages expire, so the main goal was to collate related jobs into targeted landing pages and ensure longer-term URL stability. Similar to how category pages work for ecommerce.

We discussed multiple options and settled on a self-scaling landing page solution that would allow their SEO strategy to grow with their business.

As more jobs were posted, more landing pages would be automatically created based on a set of generic & location-centric rules. This allows for the business to expand into new categories & locations, have SEO pages created to support them, and begin compounded growth.

This choice of a self-scaling setup allows for a somewhat ‘hands-off’ approach to SEO, and limits the amount of work required by a tech team to make updates going forward. However, these builds can require a significant upfront investment to build out and can take time to grow so require an understanding of what SEO can help achieve.

The team decided on Contentful as their CMS to manage specific page content. This allowed essentially instant updates to pages when required, with no tech involvement to update certain elements, allowing the content team to continue to develop these pages as the system grows.

The Vivian team smashed out the MVP, and quickly followed up with additional phases of work with only preliminary results shown. This allowed the work completed to compound, and growth to occur even faster.

What did the team build?

✅ Structured, highly targeted generic & location landing pages leveraging jobs
✅ Hierarchial-focussed interlinking & related cross-linking
✅ Fast, lightweight pages
✅ The ability for non-tech teams to update

With the majority of the business’s investment completed upfront, these pages are now delivering thousands in conversion value to the business per day, with minimal additional work.

If you’re a marketplace, portal, or classifieds with listing-based content and are unsure how to maximise your SEO efforts, reach out! Would love to have a chat to see if a system like this could work for you.

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