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Unlock stunning visuals for your content with just a few clicks using our dynamic Cover/Featured Image Generator!

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What our cover image generator does

Our Cover Image Generator is an intuitive tool designed to enhance your online presence. Ideal for crafting captivating cover images for blog posts, landing pages, WordPress sites, and more. With features allowing the fusion of text and imagery through overlay templates and color customization, it's a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their digital content.

How to use the featured image generator

  1. Select Your Overlay: Choose from our collection or upload your very own overlay template.
  2. Text Time: Input your blog post title or any text you want to shine on your graphic.
  3. Background Bliss: Plug in the URL of your desired background image.
  4. Colour it Up: Pick a preset colour pattern or customize a two-tone mix. Don't forget an optional font colour if you're feeling fancy!
  5. Flip it: Rather the overlay reversed, and the text the other side? Flip it! Hit the switch, and the output will horizontally flip/reverse.
  6. Tweak and Tune: Adjust some settings to get things just right, or if you're feeling adventurous, hit generate and see the magic!
  7. Generate and Glow: Click "Generate" and marvel at your creation. Ready to steal the spotlight!