Top Ranking Domains Analysis for a Keyword Set

Ever wanted to see the top-ranking domains / URLs for a particular keyword set?

This analysis will let you do exactly that, and give you more refined performance data, allowing you to dig into the true top performers.

There are a few tools out there that let you see the top competitors and their estimated traffic.

However, many of these tools fail to give good insight into category-specific performance. This holds you back from being able to extra true competitive performance insights, as you’re only seeing the wider picture.

You’re missing out on the drilled-in numbers

Watching the video above, you’ll learn how to build out your own analysis, using a combination of Excel & SerpRobot.


Steps to extract the top-ranking domains

  1. Export SERPs data from SerpRobot
  2. Format the data appropriately in Excel
  3. Extract the domains from the ranking URLs
  4. Run estimated traffic formula based on ranking & search volume
  5. Categorise the keywords into required categories
  6. Pivot the data based on the domains, with slicers/filters for categories


And there you will have it. Your own analysis, with estimated traffic figures at the category level, so that you can get the direct competitor insights you’re after.

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