Review – An SEO Tool to Rival Others?

I jumped into the beta of to give it a work through and see what’s up.

It’s a brand new SEO tool being released by Jaume Ros, with a claim of being an affordable alternative to some of the top tools.

Their beta has just launched, so let’s take a look into it. Data Source

Starting off, where does data come from? I was keen to know the data source first, as I always want to expand my options.

The data source was kept a secret, so I figured it was either a partnership or them just wanting to try and hide it so others couldn’t go direct.

I was intrigued.

Seems like the sales page may give the primary source of data away though; data source


So is this a wrapper for DataForSEO data, or more?

Absolutely nothing wrong with it if it is, as that would still suit many people and be a great base tool. I would just be after more data in there, and/or special manipulation. recently launched and lets you leverage your own DataForSEO key, so there are other players in the space doing that, with a more cost-effective option to go direct. It all depends how Clicks plays this, and what they’re storing. If they’re storing it all, then as that gets built out, Clicks will become more powerful with their own data.

Running a Keyword Report

Searching a keyword in Clicks gives you a nice keyword overview; Keyword Overview Screenshot


The data appears to be either Google AdWords API related, or via DataForSEO’s AdWords endpoint. Exact same competition, volume & CPC values. Delving into any of the keyword reports, you’re limited to 100 keywords for each;

Clicks keyword report

That’s annoying.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to get more than 100 keywords out of each of the keyword reports.

Filtering looks to apply to those 100 keywords too, and doesn’t bring in any additional keywords.

The tool is in beta, so it’s assumed this will be modified later. This was confirmed by Jaume;

So we will need to wait until full launch to see the final keyword quantities from the tool.

Site Reports

Decent site overview screen;

Site Overview Screen in


The monthly keyword ranking counts appear to be from DataForSEO, but I can’t find his monthly estimate numbers, as it appears their numbers differ and Clicks shows ~50% of it.

Tested a couple sites and just found differing values; some higher and some lower.

Could Clicks potentially be running their own estimates? Not sure.

Clicks also allows for URL-level keyword reports, but they don’t appear to provide any monthly estimates at this level. There are no subdomains or subfolder-level data.

A URL analysis looks like the below; URL analysis

Backlink Analysis

Decent backlink overview screen; backlink overview screen


Not sure about “Domain Power” as a name though (DP?).

Going through the actual backlink data, I’m not sure what’s up here. The backlink overview shows a good amount of backlinks, but trying to see those links appears an issue.

Tried to test a few sites with larger backlinks, and it would sometimes just error out and not display anything, and other times it only showed a couple hundred.

Ran eBay AU and it shows 834 links. Again, beta. But the numbers here are all changing, so we will see what happens.

I play more on the tech & keyword side than the backlink side, but if it can only show a handful of the links then there might be a gap here. Review Summary

Clicks could be a great tool, and it’s still only beta, but they will need to bring in additional data sources, and offer additional manipulation. Something that could set them apart to really offer value.

Pricing is “credits” which is rather confusing, as you have a credit count for keyword reports, site reports, and backlink reports – all separate.

So it’s just report limits rather than credits.

The launch price will really determine the value here, which I assume will be based on actual usage cost from the Clicks standpoint.

Overall, I’ll skip it for now, as I already play with DataForSEO directly. But, I would love to see the roadmap, and what’s coming. I’ve seen mentions of site auditing, but IMHO the data setup should be the focus currently.

The base is there, it just needs extending.

Definitely need another big player in the market, so if this gets built upon, it’s got potential.

Have you jumped into Let me know your thoughts below!

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